let your belly fly

package design / 2017
paper, foam

Have you ever felt chubby after eating one or more donuts? I have a solution for you. Let your belly fly with frisbees! In the packaging, you find small frisbees under your donuts. In addition, they protect your donuts in the transportation process.

For the final look, I picked bright colours to emphasize sweetness and irony. They perfectly contrast with each other. There are three different types of the packaging: one or two donuts and a round pie. Graphical motif is from frisbees centre. Spinning the frisbee creates an illusion, which makes people "spin".

Frisbees originate from a pie dish in 1938. People noticed that aluminium foil pie dish can glide in air. This inspired me to create pie and donut packaging from which you can take out a frisbee that also protects the products from damage during transportation. History repeats itself.