amber lollipop

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food design / 2020

sugar, fcrickets 

lecturer Julija Mazūrienė

Vilnius Academy of Arts

collaboration with Ensifera

We already know what we will eat in the future - insects. In this case, we know even more specifically that it will be a cricket. But why, even knowing this, do we avoid them? The natural reaction to this is shaking or sneezing, rarely is it tasting. Why does the reaction become stronger than our curiosity? Why don’t we take this as any other food? Our eating habits are shaped over time. This is one of our cultural heritage. For almost 2 billion people on earth, eating insects is a normal practice, it doesn’t cause them emotion. Why is it not normal for us, Europians? One of the main reasons is that we never ate them. This is new to us. Another common reason that in childhood we do not have an attitude of what is disgusting and what is not, it is formed in society. Probably many would not even be able to name what we call “disgusting”. So we just know we don’t like it. There is currently not a single nutritious product with crickets. So far, however, it’s mostly the addition of cricket flour. What if we analyze the scenarios and present the packaging and crickets differently, as a reminder of the Baltic Sea or childhood when we ate one find of the earth?

amber lollipop_elena lasaite.jpg

This project was implemented with the Ensifera team. It is a modern high-tech company offering insects and their products for food, industry, medicine, contributing to the creation of a sustainable environment.

Ensifera’s mission is to develop insect breeding and utilization technologies by creating a modern and environmentally friendly business.

Ensifera are the first to be approved by the State Food and Veterinary Service for the breeding and sale of insects intended for human consumption. The goal from the very beginning was to acquaint Lithuanians with this product and its benefits.

The founders are also noticing that the ages are very fond of dried crickets. They usually lack attitudes and stereotypes so they taste bold.

All design, ideas, photo rights belong to Elena Lašaitė.

The project was carried out during studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Lecturer Julija Mazūrienė.


crickets for experiments provided by Ensifera,

photos by Ugnė Glinskytė.